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What is the best to travel between Paris and London?


What is the best to travel between Paris and London?

The plane or the train? Many of us have faced this dilemma before. Yet a simple research and comparison will show that there is one winner. The best means of transport to travel between London and Paris is the Eurostar high speed train.

This is not a biased claim. This is a fact! Long range trips might be faster by airplanes, but trains are a serious competitor for medium and short range trips. The London to Paris or the Paris to London route is a short trip in terms of distance.

Overall, considering the travel duration, comfort, service, stress-free ride, time saving and no transfer fees, the Eurostar is the perfect way to cross the Chanel. The iconic high speed train has redefined the way people travel between London and Paris.

                                                       Which is faster, train or airplane?


The Eurostar is a modern high speed train which can operate at a top speed of up to 300 km/h. The swift and comfortable ride between London and Paris, city centre to city centre, takes only 2 hour and 15 minutes!

The airplane will take 1 hour from Paris airport to London airport. But have you considered the time which you have to spend to reach the airport, waiting for check-in, customs, luggage claims and the ride from the airport to the city centre.

Is the train more comfortable than a plane?

Considering that trains have spacious seats with more legroom, the journey between London and Paris is bound to be more comfortable.
Travelling in first class (Business Premier or Standard Premier) isn’t as expensive as choosing to travel in Business class on board trains.
On board the Eurostar, travellers get either a breakfast, lunch or dinner according to the time of day.

When travelling in Business Premier, a delicious three course meal, designed with Eurostar’s Culinary Director, the Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc OBE, will be served at seat. The bar buffet car is ideal to socialize during the trip, have a hot or cold drink or to buy a snack.


No need to worry about traffic jams when heading to the airport. The need to reach the airport 3 hours prior the plane’s departure makes you lose valuable time. If you have a Standard class ticket or Standard Premier ticket, you will need to reach the train station only 30 minutes before the train departs. Business Premier are required to reach the station for check-in only 10 minutes before the train departs. Don’t forget that Eurostar high speed trains leave on time and if you don’t know about the premises it’s better to reach the station a few minutes earlier.



A adult is allowed to bring 2 bags and 1 small hand bag when travelling on board the Eurostar. The 2 hand bags must not exceed 85 centimetres each. Weight restrictions do not apply when travelling on board the Eurostar. However you should make sure that your luggage are not too heavy as you will be required to handle them and move them in the luggage rack.

If you are bringing more that your luggage allowance, you have to register the surplus. You can be charged an excess luggage fee.


Book your Eurostar ticket in advance and get the best prices. The train tickets have no hidden fees and they include your seat reservation. If you have a rail pass, you can get a passholder fare when travelling on board the Eurostar between London and Paris. Avoid taking the cab, suburban train or buses from the city centre to the airport. Save money when choosing to travel with Eurostar.

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